Prevent, Survive, Thrive

A doctor’s practical guide to preventative breast cancer care, challenging accepted thoughts and breaking down common misconceptions and confusion about breast health.

Praise for Prevent, Survive, Thrive

"Dr. West's book is a valuable addition to the current literature for those touched by breast cancer. He has dedicated his career to caring and healing women with breast cancer, which he reveals with knowledge and passion in this excellent book."

John S. Link, MD

Author of The Breast Cancer Survival Manual: A Step-By-Step Guide for the Woman with Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer

"Prevent, Survive, Thrive continues Dr. John West's longstanding message of empowerment to those facing or in fear of breast cancer. This literary gift moves from prevention to survivorship to activism in sharing pearls of wisdom that transform us from victims to victors! This book is a wellspring of knowledge from a breast health leader who is a living legend in the fight against breast cancer. I am truly blessed to have witnessed John lead a breast health movement from his base in Orange County, California, to a national level."

Marie M. LaFargue, MPH

Four-time cancer survivor

"I wish I'd had this book at my fingertips years ago, but I am truly grateful for its publication at this time for the sake of my friends and family, as well as all women, both younger and older. Told in a blend of decadesrich expertise and personal case studies, this book provides a way to wrap your head around a woman's most dreaded health worry. Prevent, Survive, Thrive: Every Woman's Guide to Optimal Breast Care helps you sort through often conflicting reports and find your way to making better decisions."

Allene Symons

Author of Aldous Huxley's Hands

"Dr. West has shared his extensive experience in this uniquely comprehensive and easyto- read treatise on all aspects of breast care for women of all ages (teens through seniors) and their loved ones, allowing them to be diligent in making decisions and their own choices regarding the ever-evolving questions of controversy and myth about breast cancer diagnostic alternatives and treatments. With the book's information on new technologies and multiple case histories, a patient can and should feel in charge of her own breast health plan in coordination with her chosen expert medical professionals."

Dr. Gary E. Liebl, LHD

Chairman emeritus, Chaminade University

"If you never want to hear the words, 'You have breast cancer,' this book is for you. You won't need a second opinion to decide whether to buy Prevent, Survive, Thrive. This book truly is, as it says on the cover, Every Woman's Guide to Optimal Breast Care. It helps you navigate confusing medical jargon and separates facts from the media buzz. There are plenty of books on facing the diagnosis of breast cancer, but this book, with its accurate straight-talk information, practical tips, and survivor stories filled with hope, helps you to prevent breast cancer. Every woman with breasts needs to read this book, and don't say this because it's funny. I say this because it's true." 

Pam Tallman

Columnist and contributor to Orange Coast Magazine

Thank you for sharing your incredible book with me. I think it is a must read for all Women. The style of the book reads like a personal conversation between you and the reader, which makes for an easy read. You explain all the facts and treatments, giving women the pros and cons. The scientific details are all laid out, but in layman's terms. Although much of the information is in layman's terms, you never talk down to your reader, treating her as an intelligent capable woman who can take charge of her own healthcare.

Bev Oberlander